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Chris Warriner @King_Darian
EarthBound and I go back quite a while. The Christmas of 1994 is when my family finally got a Super Nintendo system. I just turned 9 years old the month prior. Fast forward a few months to sometime in the summer of 1995. Video game rentals were a rare treat that my brother and I got on occasion. Browsing the boxes of available games one day led me to a large box unlike any other I had seen before. There was a giant robot or something on the front, and it looked like there was a kid inside. The back had bright, colorful clay figures and screenshots that showed even more brightly colored destinations – a golden palace, the loch ness monster, and a park? I was instantly intrigued. Right across the front, in big letters, the title of the game read, “EarthBound”.
EarthBound is something I go back to frequently. A lot of awful events happen throughout the game as characters are kidnapped, misled, cheated, and worse. The strange part is that no matter how bad things seem to get, no one loses their optimism. The mood can be dark and gloomy, but it seems like something positive is right around the corner. There’s a strong message of hope and perseverance in this game that I try to apply to my life. Though I didn’t give EarthBound a whole lot of thought when I was younger, I tend to give it a closer examination every time I play it again. Despite how well I think I know the game, I always discover something new, or rediscover something I have forgotten. Not only that, but certain moments in the game have had a greater impact on me as I grew as a person. Experiences in my own life are reflected in situations in the game, drawing a stronger emotional response from me than they used to.
One memory in particular comes from sitting through a group playthrough of EarthBound at one of the Starmen.Net gatherings years ago. During the final battle scenes, Paula’s prayers go out to all of the people across the world of EarthBound that the group of four has helped throughout their journey. Seeing all those in-game characters pop up one by one, praying from the bottom of their heart for the safety of Ness and his friends – the meaning and significance of that scene changed for me in the presence of so many of the friends that I had made online, on a website dedicated to this video game, EarthBound. The lights were low, and as the player name started appearing and the final battle reached its climax I could feel the tears start to flow from my eyes and trickle down my face. I’m usually very guarded about my emotions, but in that moment among friends I felt comfortable enough to let myself be vulnerable. They were tears of joy.
I got to experience something similar at Camp Fangamer 2015. It wasn’t until I entered the main ballroom area where the main events took place, where I saw the large crowd of attendees seated and I heard the live music of the Super Soul Brothers playing that I started to feel this great surge of positive energy. I knew this was going to be something special. I felt like I was running on empty for a while, but the energy of just being there recharged me. The strongest moment from that jam-packed weekend event for me came during the Film Fest . There really is no way to compare it to just watching the fan-made films at home by yourself. With hundreds of EarthBound fans in the audience, you are sharing the experience – the laughter and the tears – with everyone there. There were a couple of real tear-jerkers in the screening, something I was not expecting, and I couldn’t help myself. I was overcome and just could not stop crying. I’m not just talking a few teardrops. It was as if someone had turned on the faucets of my tear ducts, and I couldn’t figure out how to shut them off. The whole event, seeing everyone who turned out and the hard work put into everything was so much more than I ever expected for a public event based around that one video game that seems to have become a permanent fixture in my life. I felt so at home.
I know it’s not only me, but countless others have been affected by this game in some way. It seems to have a special way of resonating with certain individuals. Anyone who gives the game an honest try has the chance to discover something special within it. It’s difficult to describe, especially if you’re trying to do so to a stranger. Like, how can a video game of all things have such an impact on people? People of all ages, from various backgrounds, from all over the world are drawn to it. The community that loves this game is very tight-knit, but also open, accepting, and very caring. EarthBound has a positive, loving energy. It is a force of hope and understanding, of friendship and courage. This video game has changed my life in more ways than even this lengthy narrative can account for. I have seen some amazing things happen from the people that this simple video game has brought together. I believe that even greater things are on the horizon.

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no thanks!
I remember a ton of stuff! I thought the game was the most hilarious thing in the world when I was 11. I also remember playing late at night and getting to Giygas! I was defeated and started crying. I went out of my room to hug my mom and I felt way better. I got a goodnight's rest and after school I beat Giygas! After that I replayed the entire game again! Ahh... childhood....
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EarthBound, for many years, wasn't just a game; it was an experience that changed who I was as a person.
I played the MOTHER series in the order most people do: EarthBound, MOTHER 3, then EarthBound Zero/Beginnings.
First when I got into EarthBound as an 8th grader, I wanted nothing to do with any other game series for months.
Took me awhile to explore and talk to many people, but eventually I finished and felt accomplished.
Then, like a month or so later, I met my best friend on a facebook page because she wanted another person to help her on the said page for awhile.
Then, the summer of that year, EarthBound had succeeded to bond another internet friendship.
Long story short, EarthBound has been the bond holder of at least two friendships of mine and I have no idea how things would've been if I never met the two wonderful friends I have.
In closing, I wouldn't be the same person I am today with the everlasting effects the EarthBound series. No matter how many gaming friends I'll have in my lifetime, I will always urge them to play EarthBound due to the importance it has on so many people's lives.
Mike DiGirolamo @MikeDiGirolamo

What does EarthBound mean to me? Everything. Let me share a "story" with you.

The year was 1999. Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 was released. My best friend, Jimmy Baker (hope you are doing well Jimmy) introduced me to this game. At this time in my life, I was 12 years old. I was reaching a point where "childhood" was ending and "adulthood" was beginning. The end of adolescence and the beginning of the teenage years. Jimmy (my best friend), had moved away a couple years back and we kept in close contact through phone calls, and letters. We were best bros. He encouraged me to take a look at this game. I did not need much encouragement.

I had never successfully completed an RPG on my own. I was able to play this game during that very year: 1999. What drew me to this game? A few things.

1. Ness was roughly the same age as me. 12, 13, 14 ish.
2. Ness lived in a place exactly the same as me: Suburban America (I lived in Hudson, Ohio).
3. Ness was a gifted kid, with powers (I've always believed in my own powers).
4. Ness loved baseball (so do I).
5 Ness conquered evil and saved the world at an extremely young age (this was, and is my ultimate fantasy).

So, all of this is great, but what does this mean to me?

EarthBound was the first time that I became honest with myself. I knew after playing this game that I did not want to live and ordinary life. EarthBound propelled me into knowing that I could not settle for a life of mediocrity or fear. If a 13ish-year-old Ness could get up and save the world, then I must do the same thing as well. From then on, it's driven me in every aspect of my life. This hasn't made things very easy for me. I sometimes put a little bit too much pressure on myself, but this game also taught me that it was okay not to take myself too seriously, or life too seriously.

This game showed me that no matter what situation I found myself in, I could fight, overcome, and achieve peace, and make friends along the way.

EarthBound shows me that a life of love, passion, sacrifice, valuable friendship, and unforgettable experiences are all possible for each of us, and it is not only my privilege to live this kind of life, but it is my (and also your) destiny.

I struggled with depression as a young 12-year-old boy. This game helped me to realize the warrior, and love-filled human that I am. I became awakened to my own abilities, and the affections of my heart through playing this game. Without EarthBound, I definitely would not be the man I am today. I cannot believe it's 16 full years since I first played this game. It's been a long ride, and there is still so much of life to experience that I have not yet experience. Here's to knowing that I have the courage to face it, and embrace it with all my heart. EarthBound taught me how to do this. Thank you Shigesato Itoi for changing my life.



Derek Umaña @DerekUmaaQuiros
A way to see the world. The MOTHER/EarthBound franchise has and will always have a special place in my heart, its beauty, its quirkiness, its humor, its way to tell a story. This is art, no matter who says otherwise, this franchise is art. You will be a better person if you play these games, you will choose better decisions in your life. It is truly amazing how only 3 games are one of the best videogames of all time. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be angry, you will experiment almost all feelings of the human being. That's why I'm sad about how little-known the franchise is, and about that we still don't get the last chapter, the ending, arguably the best of the 3, oficially translated. Nintendo, you already know how loyal we are, don't be afraid, have faith in us, we won't disappoint you. I know this is going to be harsh but Satoru Iwata, rest in peace, liked and helped the franchise to exist, if you make the official translation of MOTHER 3, I'm sure he will be happy, wherever he is, seeing the people playing Nintendo's games, his legacy will never be forgotten. Shigesato Itoi is an amazing writer, it is sad that he is not well-known outside of Japan, but you have the power to change that. I will end here, hoping to be alive when I see MOTHER 3 oficially translated, I won't cry until the end. I will leave luck to Satoru Iwata, I will leave luck to heaven.
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Trọng Tuấn
To be honest, I haven't played EarthBound (MOTHER 2) yet, because I'm not interested in RPG games (well I'll try it sometime later). But MOTHER 3, when I heard it's music from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and read some of it's trophies and stickers, somehow I wanted to play this game. I firstly played this game when I was 13 year old, and gave up at chapter 5 because my English was so sh*tty that I couldn't understand the game story, so I was bored and gave it up. Many years later I played it again on an Android phone with an emulator, and I just couldn't stop playing.
And by the end of this game, I cried like a child, I played many video games and this is the only one that made me cry.
I live in south east Asia and currently I don't have a Wii U, and I don't feel like to buy it since I'm enjoying PC games, but if MOTHER 3 come out on Wii U maybe that'll be the reason I'd buy a Wii U. Why? BECAUSE MOTHER 3 IS MY #1 FAVORITE GAME ALL THE TIME AND I WILL NEVER FORGET IT. I WISH I COULD "FORGET" IT ANYTIME I WANT THAT I COULD ENJOY IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
*Sorry if my poor grammar bothers you*

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