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Joanie "BubblyOasis" Rich

EarthBound is the reason I became a writer.

The characters of the Mother series are relatable and real. They're the crybabies, the outcasts, the weirdos. They take these ordinary people - people with fears and dreams, people with disabilities and quirky talents - and show that these people can save the world by working together.

In these games, you'll laugh, you'll cry - you'll even think deeply and get creeped out! Playing these games is like going on a journey. It's not about reaching the end; it's about what happens to you along the way.

I first discovered EarthBound accidentally at Blockbuster Video in 1996 because of its massive box. I was already a fan of Final Fantasy IV and Lufia and The Fortress of Doom, so when I saw it was a modern RPG where you used baseball bats instead of swords, and fought aliens instead of dragons, I was instantly hooked! When I was a kid playing this game, I spent hours just talking to random NPCs, just to see what weird things they would say.

Through playing these games, I learned a lot about myself. As I grew up, I was often bullied, and the Mother series gave me a way to escape. My passion grew into wanting to recreate the experience I had by making my own games and stories with the same themes: family and friends, bettering yourself, exploration, compassion - all blended together with humor and a touch of philosophy.

Today, the Mother games mean even more to me than ever, because I've made so many friends in the Mother/EarthBound community. I can honestly say I wouldn't be the same person I am today without the Mother series.

EarthBound will always be my favorite game.

Clark (Demo) Hinchcliff @Demolisho

Earthbound has been one of the driving inspirations in terms of my childhood. I must have played through the game over 30 or so times, and I still have my original SNES cartridge sitting on my bookshelf. Quirky, cute, amusing, deep, and amazing.

No game has made as much of an impact in terms of building me up to want to be the very best person and continue to improve myself. From the Tenda "overcoming shyness", to the idea of greed transforming Carpainter into a cult leader, no game can be remembered or is held as dear to my heart.

I'm now a professional developer and I attribute my drive to my professional career to games, and a large part of that came from Earthbound.

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A.j. Sheeran
EarthBound is in my brain so that everything I do and especially create is inspired by the game in some way. Music that I'm drawn to, stories that resonate, all because EarthBound got there first and shaped who I became.
ben burbank @bburbank
The feeling of being a kid stumbling into an ever-growing world, where your friends and family believe that anything is possible. But oh it's so much more; there's an emotional depth and thematic complexity that's just not there in most video games. I've spent my career trying to instill games with these optimistic feelings.
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Shawn 'Nin10dude' Bianchi @shawnbeonkey
EarthBound has given me so much that sometimes it's hard to remember how much I value the game itself. I absolutely love the game! But when I think on what EarthBound means to me today, what comes to mind first is the community. EarthBound is an extremely personal experience, and when something resonates with you so deeply, you want to share it, and when you do, you're really sharing pieces of yourselves. This is why the EarthBound community is so rock solid and genuine; we're bound by a mutual love of something that has really struck a chord with us at a foundational level. EarthBound has both strengthened the bonds I have with existing friends as well as given me brand new ones, and for that, EarthBound is a truly special game.
Iyx e9uz
Luke 'M4g1cW4rr10r' @M4g1cW4rr10r
I guess like anyone who played Smash Bros., a lot of us wondered who Ness was. He stood out from every fighter as just being some usual kid with very unusual powers. A gem on the Super Nintendo called EarthBound is this boy's hometown. With very quirky dialogue centered around a unique and interesting story, with relatable characters set in a modern world, this game has touched the hearts of many people. With the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the west was introduced to another boy with psychic powers; Lucas. When I learned Lucas was from a game called Mother 3, the obvious question was, "Where's Mother 1 and 2?" As it would turn out, Mother 2 is actually Earthbound, and Mother 1 would be EarthBound Beginnings, a game at the time of Brawl's release wasn't even localized. I won't lie, I've played on ROMs so that I could experience the missing links in the game's trilogy. And after playing all three games all the way to the end, so many thoughts are flowing through my head. I couldn't think to write them all here without it just becoming a huge wall of text you'll never read all the way through. One thought I can say, what we all want to say: We want Mother 3. I know fans have barraged your call lines and your social medias and your employees and executives countless times with this over and over, but why do you think we do it? We want to experience the games the way the games were meant to be experienced. When EarthBound was put on the Wii U's Virtual Console, with emulators at their disposal for free, we still bought it. When EarthBound Beginnings was put on the Virtual Console, we still bought it. We will do the same for Mother 3, because we appreciate your hard work and dedication to the series that we want to repay you to show our gratitude. This is what this series means to us. #thisisearthbound
#BelieveInThePeeko @Jeffman2240
Earthbound was probably one of the most influential games I've ever played. I loved everything about it. The main reason I got into RPGs overall. Even though I'm not great at Smash Ness will always be my main! #FuzzyPickles
Ann Kornuta @AgentAnnK
From the first moment I saw Earthbound I wanted it. Everything from the music, the graphics, the corny jokes, it was if someone had put the bestest friend inside of that game & I was playing with them. I spent the greater portion of my lonely childhood trying to save enough money just to play it again. I shovelled snow in the winter, mowed grass in the summer, my dad even gave me a magnet so I could find scrap metal to cash in at the recycling plant. I could never save enough money though.
As I got older, my desire to capture this game never faded & I found myself building relationships with other people who were kind of like me who loved the game as well, everything from the music, the graphics, the corny jokes. They were like my bestest friends inside of that game & I was playing the game with them.
SubrosianBucket @subrosianbucket
Earthbound looked like a cool game, and I'm very glad Nintendo re-released it on the Virtual Console. With this easy access, I came to appreciate Earthbound, and decided to play Mother 3's fan translation as well. Mother 3 changed me. It really increased my self-confidence. Lucas is a character that I and many others can identify with, and seeing him grow and change and become stronger throughout the game helped me appreciate myself more. I'm wording this very badly, but in short, Mother 3 is a very good and moving game, especially toward the end. I'm bad with words, but I can say this: The Mother series is by far my favorite game series for a reason.
B4l9 3gn
MariettaRC @MariettaRC

EarthBound, EarthBound Beginnings and Mother 3 got me through a horrible time in my life. I was coming out of being homeless, I had low self-esteem and I suffered from many bouts of depression. These games saved my life and made me appreciate who I am as a person.

I need to see all of these games accessible to everyone. This includes Mother 3, my personal favorite of the series, and the game that really solidified that feeling of "I'm worth more than I think." I'd love to see this happen. It's my one true wish as a gamer.

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What’s MOTHER?

The MOTHER games are a series of RPGs directed by Shigesato Itoi, a Japanese writer / entrepreneur.

MOTHER (NES, 1989)

Recently released outside Japan on the Wii U as EarthBound Beginnings, it surpassed Splatoon to become the most- downloaded eShop title in June 2015.

MOTHER 2 (SNES, 1994)

Released in America as EarthBound in 1995. It sold poorly but became a cult classic.

MOTHER 3 (GBA, 2006)

Never formally localized, so the fans created their own version. Next year is the game’s 10 year anniversary.

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