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Alex Aquilina @Alex__Aquilina

My first time playing EarthBound was about two years ago. I'm only 15 now, meaning I didn't grow up with the game, but I feel like because I played it when I was more mature, I understood a lot more of the themes. I wasn't exactly the biggest RPG fan so I wasn't that excited to play it at first, but I had heard so many good things.

I played the game non stop for about 8 hours. I was obsessed. And when I beat it, it was the first and so far only game to ever make me cry. The amount of emotion packed into this game is incredible. Then I found out it had a sequel. I was so excited only to find that it wasn't released anywhere but Japan. I didn't want to buy a reproduction cartridge or fan translation so to this day I haven't played Mother 3 in hopes of an official release. As one of the newest fans in the community, I had more of an outsider's view for a while until I played EarthBound, and loved every minute. And since Nintendo refuses to release Mother 3, I'll never be able to know the experience of playing a new Mother game for the first time again. I played Mother 1 once it was released on VC. I very much enjoyed it. But EarthBound is something special to me. My favorite game of all time. An emotional journey that left me in tears at the end.

All I want is the sequel.

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Mason Anderson
Earthbound is one of the greatest games ive ever played. Mother 3 was even better
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I didn't quite know what I was getting into when I first decided to play Mother 3. I ended up getting totally invested in one of the best games ever. As I played the rest of the games, I met some cool people who liked them too. I even met my girlfriend through the community. The series continues to have a profound influence on my life and I continue to enjoy it again and again.
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Shane Kincade

Back in 2010, I watched the final battle of MOTHER 3. My first exposure to MOTHER was from one of the most emotionally charged battles not just in the series, but in video games.

Of course, I didn't know the characters or why they were fighting. But I remember staring at the computer, barely breathing, as the hero was beaten senseless. By the end, if someone asked me what I thought of the fight, I don't think I'd be able to answer.

Since then, the MOTHER series has encompassed a huge part of my life. I have these games to thank for getting me into writing. I have these games to thank for helping me meet my best friends. I have these games to thank for exposing me to a wonderful, loving community. And I have these games to thank for improving my life in almost every way.

Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings, even though they're filled with jokes, managed to make me tear up numerous times. The characters and setting were relatable, the graphics were cute, and the bizarre sense of humor made the games' emotional moments hit harder. It made the games memorable.

MOTHER 3, for the most part, isn't any different. Things played for laughs in Earthbound come to this game with an undercurrent of seriousness. The world and its people change into something unrecognizable to the hero, but all too recognizable to the player. And in a way, Itoi's use of a real-world setting hits much harder than it did in the previous games. The emotion is ramped up. At the same time, you'll laugh at the cartoon-esque blunders of the main villains, the interactions between the heroes, and the constant barrage of puns.

Combined with colorful graphics, fluid animation, unforgettable music, and engaging gameplay, MOTHER 3 is a video game that deserves an international release. It's been nine years; I don't want to wait any longer.

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The first summer after my parent's divorce was a very trying time for me. With school having finished, I had no other choice but to hang around the house under constant anxiety and depression fueled by our so freshly broken family. Day to day life became drudgery and I became numb, as to cope. In this dark time I turned to video games in an attempt to just escape from everything.
I can't recall where I had even heard of Mother 3, possibly from the Super Smash Bros franchise, but for some almost predestined reason it was the game I decided to look into. Soon enough I found myself starting my adventure in Mother 3. Immediately I was encapsulated by the game. It's colorful pixel art, catchy music, and gameplay made for a very welcoming game. However, one thing tied the game together that set it apart from others: the wonderfully charming dialogue that filled the Nowhere Islands and it's residents with such character. The game was fun and lighthearted: only what I thought I needed.
Before long the story took a dark turn that, because it so strongly contrasted with what I had experienced so far, made it all the more impactful and immersive. Seeing the bright pixel art turn gloomy and fearsome, the fluid animation now depicting real violence, and all the while the music underlining the tone of the moment, was divergent and different. And the biggest surprise of all? I loved it. No game I had experienced up to that point was able to make me feel so attached and involved in itself.
Mother 3 continued to take me along for it's wild ride. It's fantastical world was unlike any other. In Mother 3 there were no dragons, ogres, or elves, like so many others. Instead we were given Dragos, Claymen, and Mr. Saturns: just to name a few of its unique parts. Once again the presentation of everything was masterful. One couldn't ask for a more fitting visual, soundtrack, or script. Over time the characters's stories I was introduced to unraveled culminating in masterpiece of a plot. It was at the end in fact that caused my deepest connection with Mother 3.
Avoiding spoilers, it was the final moments of the game that caused me to feel so intensely. Up to this point no fictional story - be it a book, song, or another video game - had gotten me even close to such emotional intensity. So much emotional intensity came from this finale that I found myself crying: something I was unable to do for a long time. Throughout everything that had happened in the past year, it was this wonderful game that broke through to me and allowed me to continue on with life.
Anyways, this was my experience with Mother 3. It's a truly sensational game that I feel that no matter who you are, something can be gained from it. To quote the game itself, Mother 3 is "strange, funny, and heartrending", and I believe that it's a game everyone should experience.
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Elizabeth Perry
Earthbound was my first rpg, so it really means the world to me. I remember reading about it in Nintendo Power and being enchanted even before my parents got it for me for Christmas the year it came out. I would read the player's guide at breakfast before school every morning, and my dad and I played through it together the first time. To this day, I consider it one of my favorite games of all time and treasure my original cartridge.
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Brandon Yoder
I first heard of the series from a Let's Player I watched who did nothing but go on and on about it, and when I started watching, I immediately fell in love. The trilogy is nothing but amazing adventure and hilarity. I've done everything I can to spread the joy to everyone I know. I love all three games, but Mother 3 is my absolute favourite. I even went out of my way to buy a cartridge that had been translated to English, The games have made me laugh, made me cry, and everything in between. It's safe to say I wouldn't be who I am today without these games, and I think everyone should play these games. I wasted countless hours playing these games, and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.
Aspirety @Aspirety
When I was first introduced to Earthbound all those years ago as an obscure SNES RPG, I didn't think much of it. But the more I decided to play the game, the more I fell in love with its quirky characters, hilarious dialogue and rich, thought-provoking story. It wasn't long before I realised that Earthbound was more than a game to me; it was an experience. I was never actively involved in the community at Starmen.net, but I even as a quiet observer, I feel like the Earthbound community has shaped my life in very positive ways. Just by meeting someone at a convention who happens to like the MOTHER series as much as you do, you build an instant rapport with that person, like a deep moment of mutual understanding. It was like being able to share a really cool little secret with a select few people around the world. I can't accurately describe why, but I feel like Earthbound and MOTHER have made us all better people. Earthbound taught us that the world is a crazy, scary place sometimes, but as long as you can stand alongside people you love, through smiles and tears, we can get through it together. And at the end of the day, we'll be able to laugh about it over a cup of coffee. I think this describes the Earthbound community well. This is what Earthbound means to me, and how it continues to guide my path through everyday life. Boing!
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Peyton Corbi

I first saw hints of the series in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but it wasn't until late 2008 that I decided to look up where they came from. Ever since, the EarthBound trilogy has left a tremendous impact on me. The road of smiles and tears that the games followed was one of the best I've ever experienced in a video game, showing me the capacity of games to inspire a wide range of emotions in their audience. More importantly, they helped me shape my identity and keep my sense of humor during a confusing time in my life. MOTHER 3 in particular helped me cope with loss, and the representation of Tony from EarthBound helped me come to terms with my own sexuality.

I don't just want to play an official release of MOTHER 3, I want to share this experience with the next generation of Nintendo fans. These aren't just fun and quirky RPGs, they're Shigesato Itoi's message to the world that I think all gamers should have the chance to hear. At the risk of sounding pretentious, this is humanity as depicted by cutesy pixels and songs. Please consider localizing the game, Nintendo, and giving the series a release on the 3DS.

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Earthbound means countless things to me, the biggest and most remembered thing being emotion.
I first played EarthBound a year ago in 2014, and with a little help from friends and walkthroughs, I finished the game in under a month. The pop culture references really gave me a giggle, and the characters were so lovable and charming to me! I knew how the game ended many years back, but I never realized how it would tug at my heartstrings with all of it's emotion. It really got to me knowing that simple characters would've failed to obtain their goals without the help of the player. The player was the most important piece to the story of EarthBound, along with many other games (even if they didn't explore on such fact). It made me feel important, accomplished, and simply joyous.
Then I played Mother 3; I had to use a fan-made translation, for I don't speak a single word of Japanese, and I wanted to know the story so dearly. This game brought me even more emotion than the last, with the ending making me cry (happily and sadly) even after the title screen showed back up. This game taught me lessons that I thought I would never learn without feeling boredom, though this game gave me the thrill of fun while also getting me to learn important life lessons.
I am currently playing through Mother 1, and in my own opinion, I don't really have strong of a bond with it, though I'm completely sure that I'll think something amazing of it real soon!
It would mean so much to me to have this game localized and released in the United States, as well as many other places. Not only on Virtual Console, but on the GameBoy Advanced, too. Sort of a homage to the handheld, if you will (and if possible). This series of games will never leave my heart, and I don't think I'll ever want it to, either.

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What’s MOTHER?

The MOTHER games are a series of RPGs directed by Shigesato Itoi, a Japanese writer / entrepreneur.

MOTHER (NES, 1989)

Recently released outside Japan on the Wii U as EarthBound Beginnings, it surpassed Splatoon to become the most- downloaded eShop title in June 2015.

MOTHER 2 (SNES, 1994)

Released in America as EarthBound in 1995. It sold poorly but became a cult classic.

MOTHER 3 (GBA, 2006)

Never formally localized, so the fans created their own version. Next year is the game’s 10 year anniversary.

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