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Ian Monroe
Earthbound was just there to help me learn how none of us are really normal. A lot of the NPC's would say stuff that I think everyone thinks and understands viscerally, but we don't always say those things. The symbolism and strange adventures in it had Ness growing up, but also a young me growing up a bit too. It still hits me when I see the subtlety of how Tony talks to Jeff or how Paula's dad says goodbye before she goes on her journey, or the spectacular final encounter. The experience was entirely too human, and I think that's what means the most to me.
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Kelly D'
I started playing video games back in elementary school. I would sneak into my brother’s room when he wasn’t home to play on his consoles. It wasn’t until I was in fifth grade that I discovered EarthBound thanks to my best friend. After spotting it amongst my brother’s collection, he picked it out and we played it together…and we were hooked. EarthBound was the first video game I ever beat, and it has a special place in my heart. Entwined in my memories of this wonderful game are also memories of childhood, old friends, and imaginary worlds. It is still my favorite video game of all time. EarthBound made me want to pursue a career in the video game industry, and now that I'm grown up that has blossomed instead into a desire to become a video game archivist. I want to be able to work hard to ensure that games like the Mother series are preserved so that other people can experience the joys of playing these masterpieces, and hold dear to them the memories that come with those experiences. I can’t say enough how great EarthBound and the rest of the Mother series are. The memories of playing and of the times in my life that coincided with those play throughs are something I will always cherish.
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Tiina Hautala
As a big fan of JRPGs I was delighted to finally get my hands on Earthbound trough the WiiU´s Virtual console. I had heard many good things about it. Needless to say the game completely blew my mind, otherwise I wouldn`t be here writing this text. I may have become an Earthboundian much later than my American cousins, but I still fully embrace the spirit. Earthbound is like a big love letter to youth. A beautiful story about growing up and experiencing the world. The fact that this game can leave such an impression on someone like me who had never even played it before even after all these years really says something. The game carries a beautiful timeless message with it. I hope many future generations will continue to enjoy this game like I did. Fuzzy pickles!
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Jessica Sheldon
EarthBound is a game full of humor and stories that tug on the heart. When playing EarthBound I have felt innately drawn to the characters as I have experienced their ups and downs along the way! The games in the series leave one feeling hopeful about the future as good ultimately triumphs evil. The game itself has also lead to a stronger connection between my husband and myself because we are both fans and can share our fandom together. I first heard of Ness from Smash Bros. but my husband being a big EarthBound fan told me about Ness' story. Once I played the game I feel in love. Then I played Mother 3, and loved that game as well. We eventually named our son Ness because we liked the name and who wouldn't want their son to be named after a hero?
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Bryan Sheldon
My oldest memories of my childhood are of my best friend's dad playing EarthBound. Whenever I even think of the game I am instantly remind of all the good times I had growing up. EarthBound had such an impact on my life that I named my first born son after the hero of the game.
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Stewart Lawrence III @stewartlawrence
EarthBound sucked me in. This is a story you're involved with. It's not a game mechanic sapped into the shelves, nor pointless display of graphics while firing a weapon at opponents. For me, EarthBound was a connection to whimsical characters, great laughs, and a carefully woven tale. It was one of my cherished games while I was growing up, and it still has me smiling when I think back to its crazy adventure.
I love EarthBound.
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Joshua Michael Davis
EarthBound is my favorite game of all time and it always will be. It not only broke the boundaries of what games can be but it changed my perception on gaming in general. Earthbound tells an amazing story, has complex characters, has silly humour, and, best of all, it has an endless amount of fun. Earthbound, or should I say the whole Mother trilogy, are not just games to me. They are a big part of my life that I will carry with me.
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Max D.
How would you classify the aesthetic of the Earthbound/Mother games? They're purely fictional, but not fantasy; they mimic the real world in some ways, but aren't realistic at all; and there are moments that are psychologically mind-bending, and others that are simple and fun. So many video games go only one way: they stick to their genre and only try to be fantastical and unbelievable or incredibly realistic. In Earthbound, there are aliens, but there's love as well; there are psychic powers, but there are normal kids, too. Earthbound captures both feelings of fantasy and imagination, and reality and the real world perfectly, and that's what makes it so special and heartfelt to me.
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TerraChained @TerraChained
EarthBound to me is one of the surprisingly few genuine and honest game series there are. It carries this indescribable sense of compassion and heart.
I was late to the party, playing the games in 2011, but the games have aged wonderfully. The pop culture references don't fall flat despite their age. Mother 3 delivers an emotional story without being preachy or over-the-top, helping many people understand their own emotions.
But most importantly, the games all challenge what it means to be heroic. The final battles are not won by brute force and violence like most role playing games. This kind of self-awareness in games is something we desperately need.

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What’s MOTHER?

The MOTHER games are a series of RPGs directed by Shigesato Itoi, a Japanese writer / entrepreneur.

MOTHER (NES, 1989)

Recently released outside Japan on the Wii U as EarthBound Beginnings, it surpassed Splatoon to become the most- downloaded eShop title in June 2015.

MOTHER 2 (SNES, 1994)

Released in America as EarthBound in 1995. It sold poorly but became a cult classic.

MOTHER 3 (GBA, 2006)

Never formally localized, so the fans created their own version. Next year is the game’s 10 year anniversary.

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