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Brad Boxberger @ThrowdownN64
Earthbound is a game that has a community that every game should have. The community has fulfilled the message of the game- Friendship.
Sprite117 large
Staying up way too late, forming unique friendships, knowing I don't have to live in isolation.
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The series has been one of the few things I've really loved throughout my life. It helped me feel like I was a normal kid and that I could do anything. My love of the game has helped me make wonderful friends and the love of my life. I'm so happy that the first two games are on VC so more people can experience something so great.
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Honour Harry

It's about seeing the uniqueness and wonder of the world. If you look hard enough, You can find something brilliant in everyday things. It's about having faith in the future and the friends that you cherish, no matter the circumstances. In the end, it's even about acknowledging that your greatest power is your own potential. You have the power to accomplish any task or dream deep inside you.

I'm still very new to the Earthbound Scene, but already it means friends and family and deep cherished memories.

Othw n4y
Usman @UsmanTheRad
The Mother series was never afraid to do things on its own terms, even if it wasn't popular at the time. What it means to me is to not be afraid to be yourself. :)
Shannon Murphy (Aangie) @comicshans
I was part of the starmen.net community for over four years. At this point, I was kind of lost, a struggling artist. When I played EarthBound for the first time, it made me really connect with my childhood and my imagination. As I became part of the Starmen.net community/EarthBound fandom, I made many friends, established close relationships, some of those I still maintain to this day. This is the game I drew hundreds of pieces fanart for, received helpful critique on my artwork which paved the way to my college career and love of animation. These games are the very presence of love in a video game form.
Kenan Bennett (NorthofOnett) @north_westkid
EarthBound was the game that made me fall in love with games all over again. Not since I was just a little kid had I experienced such joy and euphoria with a video game. And at such a crucial moment in my life; I had hit rock bottom, and EarthBound showed me the greatness of friendship, quirkiness, and adventure! I wouldn't be the man I am today without EarthBound, nor would I have gotten back into the wonderful world of games.
Boots @Amstrauz

Earthbound is without a doubt the most powerful video game I've ever played. Its impacts stretch well into the real world, and the fans of this game are some of the most dedicated and creative people in the world.

Earthbound has changed my life as well as the lives of many others, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

What is this?

A publicity campaign created by EarthBound fans.


We want to get the word out in hopes that Nintendo will consider releasing EarthBound’s sequel (MOTHER 3) in English.

Facebook/Twitter only?

Don’t worry — we’re just using their login systems to prevent duplicates. You don’t have to post anything to your wall or timeline.

You can sign anonymously if you prefer, but the more social media visibility the campaign generates, the better.

What’s MOTHER?

The MOTHER games are a series of RPGs directed by Shigesato Itoi, a Japanese writer / entrepreneur.

MOTHER (NES, 1989)

Recently released outside Japan on the Wii U as EarthBound Beginnings, it surpassed Splatoon to become the most- downloaded eShop title in June 2015.

MOTHER 2 (SNES, 1994)

Released in America as EarthBound in 1995. It sold poorly but became a cult classic.

MOTHER 3 (GBA, 2006)

Never formally localized, so the fans created their own version. Next year is the game’s 10 year anniversary.

Who are you?

We’re a group of EarthBound fans who have been rooting for the game since 1998.