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Steph Lore @stephastated
i owe this game a ton. i haven't even beaten any of the mother/earthbound games (I PROMISE I WILL SOON) but this community has changed my life in ways i really can't thank it enough for. i've made lasting friendships, have experienced things i never thought i'd be a part of (camp fangamer for example!) and just....wow, i really don't know what else to even say. earthbound fans are some of the most dedicated, creative, and inspiring people and i am so honored that i have been able to be a part of all of this even in some really small way for now. i hope one day i can give back to this amazing group of fans that have given me so much. thank you for everything, earthbound!
TheBattleProductions @TheBattlePro
EarthBound is a game that means a lot to me. I was not introduced to this game until I saw Chuggaaconroy on YouTube. This game is older than I am which is why I wasn't familiar with the game. Once I saw him play it, I had to play it. I couldn't afford a SNES or an overpriced copy, so I used an emulator to play the game. I had so much enjoyment playing through this game. Once I saw this came out on Wii U's VC, I finally could support Nintendo in buying the game. I have played this game over and over again and feel great every time. The characters really symbolized friendship throughout the whole game which is a part of life. It has taught he friendship and not giving up. This game made me a better person.
SgtMettool @Yuusha_Ro
It's hard to imagine a world where EarthBound never came to be. It was the RPG that was the catalyst for major change and inspiration in the genre that showed us that RPGs can be wacky and whimsical. It was a work of art that inspired many of the great indie RPGs we find on the market today. And, most importantly of all, it served as the building blocks that formed many of the great friendships I hold today; ones that broke me out of my shell and drove forward the creative goals I pursue today. EarthBound wasn't just a turning point for RPGs; it was a turning point for lives everywhere.
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Sam kotenko @kingofping654
I first played and beat EB on my moms old Droid Eris after just moving from GA to CO it was awful I had lost all my friends but Earthbound was my way to forget that and remember that when life seems to suck things like video games can make things better. #thisisearthbound
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Tyler Fehr
Playing Earthbound is like receiving a hug you didn't know you needed: reassuring and comforting. As a 32 year old bank manager, listening to the first few bars of the title sequence on the Wii U still makes me feel like that 12 year old kid living in a trailer with his Super Nintendo, strategy guide, and brother by my side. Earthbound introduced me to my love for jazz, and the ending theme still gives me goosebumps. After beating Gygas, touring around the world to revisit memories and let people return to their lives gives the game an ending that feels fully complete and satisfying. It eases you out with fondness like seeing a friend you haven't seen for years, and shaking their hand, knowing you may never see them again but they are still in your heart.
Joe B @legendaryjoeb
EarthBound is a foundation of my life. Because of my love of EarthBound I was able to meet many folks who also enjoyed the game. I developed many friendships and several loves because of the people I've met. It seems a silly thing to say but because of EarthBound, because of those people I've met through EarthBound they've helped me develop into the person I am today.
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Pratagen @pratagen
Earthbound, and the entire Mother series, has been life changing for me. It really is more than just a game, it's an experience that can truly define a person. The series has brought me and many other people together behind a truly amazing work of art. This is the game that has inspired me to be a better person, and has truly made me understand the importance of friendship, love, and most importantly the idea that even in the darkest hours when it appears that you are the only one fighting for the right thing, there are people out there who will always be praying for you and always hoping that the good in humanity prevails. Earthbound is... well it's different for everyone, but for me it's apiece of hope that always reminds me of the good of humanity, whether it be in the fanbase that loves this game so much, or the game's protagonists that overcome impossible odds to save the world. Earthbound is Earthbound, and there is nothing that could ever replace it in my heart or in the hearts of many others.
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- ̗̀ diiego ̖́- @Monodi
EarthBound cemented my insight on how far a game can go in creative and artistic dimensions. It woke my desire to explore games that can convey complex emotions beyond excitement and frustration in the medium and also influenced my career path.
KevinCV @GoldenTalesGeek

I only got into EarthBound because of the original Smash Bros. Yes, I'm one of "those" fans. But regardless of how I got into it, I found EarthBound to be one of the most unique and fun experiences I've ever had playing an RPG. Everything from the simplistic visuals to the quirky dialogue and frankly bizarre enemies just appealed to my gaming sensibilities.

The ending is not one I'll soon forget, either. It's not often in a video game where the player themself will be tasked with lifting prayers to the main characters in an attempt to coup de grace to the final boss? In any other RPG, this would've probably been seen as odd and just come out of nowhere in attempt to make the player "feel something", but because EarthBound made you care about these characters so much as you're experiencing their journey, that it really works.

Yoom-Tah! @firemblem237
The Mother franchise truly did save my life. Middle school was a rough time for me. There was a day that I was going to end my own life. I know it's cheesy and hard to believe, but I wanted to try EarthBound before I went. I downloaded an emulator and started it up. It gave me laughter in the time I needed it most and taught me life lessons like saving money and not everything is fair. Mother 3 is currently my favorite game of all time and I can't thank the franchise more for what it's done for me.

What is this?

A publicity campaign created by EarthBound fans.


We want to get the word out in hopes that Nintendo will consider releasing EarthBound’s sequel (MOTHER 3) in English.

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What’s MOTHER?

The MOTHER games are a series of RPGs directed by Shigesato Itoi, a Japanese writer / entrepreneur.

MOTHER (NES, 1989)

Recently released outside Japan on the Wii U as EarthBound Beginnings, it surpassed Splatoon to become the most- downloaded eShop title in June 2015.

MOTHER 2 (SNES, 1994)

Released in America as EarthBound in 1995. It sold poorly but became a cult classic.

MOTHER 3 (GBA, 2006)

Never formally localized, so the fans created their own version. Next year is the game’s 10 year anniversary.

Who are you?

We’re a group of EarthBound fans who have been rooting for the game since 1998.