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pk man @pk_bastard
Earthbound is a game that means a lot to me, as a kid i would spend A LOT of my time playing super smash bros. and there was this character i was really curious about, and, yes, it was ness, there was something about him that i absolutely loved and i always picked him, but when i checked information about him on the game, it said that he was from "earthbound/mother" since it was a SNES title i wasn't able to play it, not until i got my wii u, i was browsing through the virtual console titles and then i saw it, i was like "hey that's the game where ness came from", and obviously, i bought it immediatly, oh boy, the months i spent playing that game were the most fun i've ever had with any videogame in my life, everything was amazing, the characters, the comedy, the way this game interacts with the player, i LOVED it, so, i was at the final boss and i actually felt scared/frightened at gyigas, i don't know why, but i was really uncomfortable, then i reached the third stage of the final battle, my whole team was lost except for paula, i was out of pp and i was very low on healt, so i made paula pray, which i usually never did, then i saw that scene, where everyone started praying for ness and his friends and before i could realize it, i had some tears in my eyes, and i thought that would be as far as my feelings would go, but then, the scene where ness returns home, THERE'S where i started weeping, i felt like i had accomplished something, i wasn't sad about the game ending, i was happy, I EVEN SMILED AT THE CAMERAMAN AT THE CREDITS, that was the best experience i've ever had with a game in my entire life, and i just wanted to say: thank you.
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Miner123341 @miner123341
To me. Earthbound signifies my love for RPGs. In fact, thanks to Chuggaaconroy's Earthbound Let's Play, I was introduced to the world of Let's Plays, and to Youtube in general. Earthbound was one of the first RPGs that I played, and it's sequel, Mother 3, was the first RPG that I ever beat. The Mother series is one that is extremely near to my heart, and Earthbound is a game that I think everyone should play before they die. The Mother series signifies many great things to me, and I hope that Nintendo eventually takes the giant step (pun intended) to finally localize the last game in this amazing trilogy that fans have been wanting for some time.
Dr. Hobo @DocHobo

So many precious years of my life gone because I borrowed a copy off some kid named Chris in 3rd grade, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Met some of my best friends because of EB and they've been a major influence on my life. It's not a stretch to say I am who I am today because of EarthBound.

(Sorry my sister used Pokemon stamps in the back of your EB player's guide Chris!)

Jumpy @enragedCORE
The Mother series as a whole has been a major influence on my writing style, and it's played a role in who I am today. Itoi's focus on themes of friendship, family and love throughout the series really set it apart from other games, in my opinion. Mixing that together with music that really fits the occasion and a colorful cast of characters, you have something that will last for years to come. The Mother series earned my love and respect over the years, and to see the entire series officially make its way over to the States would mean the world to me.
Y   cmqa
Kidany R. (Yoshistar on Starmen) @YoshistarBaxter

I have many things I want to say about this dearly beloved game, but I'll try to keep it as short as I can. It's not just a game, nor is it just a work of art. It's an experience to be cherished and shared for the rest of your life. Without EarthBound and the fate it has gone through over the years, I never would've perked up the Flying Man within me and acquired the courage to become part of such a wonderful community. I never would've had the opportunity to make new friends, people whom I feel much more comfortable around than most others in society.

Even though I have a long way to go to achieve absolute happiness and courage, I feel more... accepted than I've ever felt in many other instances of my life. Friendship, love, acceptance... these and many more unconditional qualities I've felt in my time with this community... I never would have come to experience them had it not been for EarthBound. Thank you, Nintendo. Thank you, Mr. Itoi. Thank you, Mr. Iwata. I will always be an EarthBound fan, and I promise to always abide by the cardinal rule of the series:

No crying until the end.

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Garrett Mitchell @Singin4ourlives
Just hearing the name "EarthBound" immediately fills my heart with content. That sounds overly deep and preachy, but, im just being honest. EarthBound from a gameplay standpoint is just a beginners RPG, a damn fine one at that. But its gameplay is basic and easy to pick up. The thing that makes it such an incredible game is the different experiences everyone has when they experience the world of it. To this day, there is no world as bright yet ominous as EarthBound, which creates such beauty. Corruption, abduction, aliens, peoples loved ones being possessed. Cults taking over villages. Very dark themes delivered in such a bright, and all encompassing world. The townspeople you met all sound like they're just trying to get by, yet are funny and obviously gamelike. Its a perfect mixture of cheer, and sorrow, which gives you this feeling of determination. As a kid, I always loved the amount of yourself and your life you put in in the beginning of the game by naming your characters, favorite thing, and favorite food. It was different than other RPGs that allowed you to name your character, it just somehow felt like you weren't playing as Ness, it was you, you were the chosen one no one expected and you were determined to help these good people from these awful matters. It was an incredible feeling experience as a kid, it made me feel special. Of course, peoples experiences will be different with this game when they play it at an older age, but I think they can still appreciate the world thats created and the excellent gameplay. So many people are experiencing the EarthBound series in a new way now through the Wii U Virtual Console, and I think its amazing. It makes me feel like all these years of shouting about this game will mean something. It feels like were inches away from EarthBound being a household name for anyone with slight game knowledge, and thats incredible. I think me and everyone thats been on Starmen.net for years can agree, our ultimate wishes are just for our favorite games to be experienced, and if not that, atleast known for what they truly are. Some people probably don't like these games, but im sure everyone knows how impactful they were on a lot of kids who grew up with it like me, and I wonder how impactful it can be on more. It was an incredible game to grow up with. Thank you Nintendo, Itoi, everyone who had a hand in these incredible games. And please, finish releasing this series in America and release the last title in America! You have the perfect opportunity, and we feel so close. This feels real. I probably rambled quite a bit here, but I immediately had to do something for this. EarthBound means a legion of good memories for me and loads of other people. EarthBound means a god like classic to many more people.
And Mother 3 is an excellent game that im sure many of North Americans would love to get their hands on $$$$
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I'm a college-age student who's currently going through a rough patch in my life. In between school, work. personal life, and health struggles, it's safe to say that I'm not exactly feeling the best. I played Earthbound Zero back in November, and it left me with this really satisfied, almost melancholy feeling and it was really enjoyable. A friend was kind enough to gift me Earthbound on the virtual console (because it's her favorite game, and I enjoyed EBZ so much), and it quickly became one of my favorite games as well. There was really nothing quite as cathartic as sitting down after a trying day and just being able to play a soulful RPG with adorable characters and a great soundtrack. It was like one of those friends who sits you down and says "hey, I know things are bad now, but don't worry, it'll be alright soon!" and I'll admit to tearing up more than once because Earthbound just made me feel so good when times were so bad.
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Daniel Big Plume @SinsOfScience

Earthbound came to me during a very special time of my life. I was 15, thriving as a creator of music and fiction, and was surrounded by friends and family who loved and supported all that I did.

I first saw the game in a video rental store with its strangely alluring packaging. I decided that the visual style of the game was delightfully cartoony, in addition to including its own strategy guide, so I rented the game. What followed was a weekend where, hour after hour, fifteen year old neglected his school work in order to play a wonderful and charming game that featured a journey to realms unknown in any other RPG. With music that was both catchy and strange, familiar and yet unique, Earthbound truly was a game that held my attention from beginning to end. I was so enthralled by the game that I was fortunate to get it as a birthday gift only months later, and spent many hours bonding with my younger brother as I progressed through my very own copy of the game. The time I invested in Earthbound was so compelling that I gladly spent the time to acquire the Sword of Kings AND level everyone up to 99 just on my first time playing through the game.

Grind in the caves where you fight the Diamond Dog, and you'll hit 99 in just a matter of hours. I still remember that after all this time.

In the years since, my copy of Earthbound came with me as I moved to California, and remained by my side as I returned to living in Canada. The strategy guide has been lost to the mists of time, a fact that I lament with every passing day. I was supremely elated however, to find that both Earthbound and the (in)famous Earthbound Beginnings were released on the eShop. Without having to resort to emulation, I'm able to support the Earthbound/ Mother series and hopefully also encourage Nintendo to support the series more actively.

So for me, Earthbound means memories of peace and creativity, bonding with my brother who is one of my best friends, and embarking a delightful journey where I, as a member of the audience, am allowed to grow with the main character of the story. For those reasons, Earthbound lives on in my heart as more than just a great game, but a symbol of all that has come before and brought me to where I am in my life right now. And upon reflecting on that, it becomes apparent that my future is going to turn out just fine.

Many thanks to Earthbound, Itoi-san and Nintendo for that.

Agent "BB Gang Zombie" Ape @SpecialAgentApe

EarthBound introduced me to some people who are now some of my closest friends. I learned so much from these friends. I learned to be more confident in myself, I learned that I could do a lot of things I never would have dreamed of if I hadn't met these really great people. I still feel like they have so much more talent than me, or so much more patience than me, or so much more understanding.

I learned to make music because of EarthBound. I learned to draw and make art because of EarthBound. I learned to be myself because of EarthBound. While I'm not the best at some of these things, I learned that I can learn and do anything. I couldn't have asked for better friends than what the EarthBound community has given me the privilege of having.

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Patrick (IX) @GamesAndUs

Earthbound is a game, yet it's so much more to me. As a kid, Earthbound was that holy grail at the rental store - the game with the cool box art (and the big box) that I needed to rent and play as much as I could. And I did. Weekend after weekend, Earthbound was stuck into my Super Nintendo.

As an adult, Earthbound came to mean a lot more to me - looking at the things it did, the messages contained within, and the heartfelt sentiment the game invoked. Most games as I grew older never changed, but Earthbound helped me grow up the way I did, and what it means to me now is something totally different than it did to a ten year old kid parked in front of the Super Nintendo, weekend after weekend.

To put it simply, Earthbound is a true part of me - not just a simple video game: this game is my childhood. #thisisearthbound

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What’s MOTHER?

The MOTHER games are a series of RPGs directed by Shigesato Itoi, a Japanese writer / entrepreneur.

MOTHER (NES, 1989)

Recently released outside Japan on the Wii U as EarthBound Beginnings, it surpassed Splatoon to become the most- downloaded eShop title in June 2015.

MOTHER 2 (SNES, 1994)

Released in America as EarthBound in 1995. It sold poorly but became a cult classic.

MOTHER 3 (GBA, 2006)

Never formally localized, so the fans created their own version. Next year is the game’s 10 year anniversary.

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