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Moltra @moltravideogam1

Recently found out about these games a year ago after playing smash bros, I then decided to play Earthbound and the Mother 3 fan translation. They are the best videogames I've ever played in my life, and I'm not exaggerating. Mother 3's story, dialogue, pacing, combat, audio, visuals are all top notch. The game was fun the entire time, from start to finish. That's something I have never experienced before in a videogame. I enjoyed the game so much that I went and bought Lucas and Ness replica shirts, and wear them all the time.

I also bought a DS lite just to play the games on the go, but I would love if they released Earthbound and Mother 3 for the 3DS, so I can play them on a bigger screen on the go. Heck I would buy a Wii U if Mother 3 was released on it.

It's not an exaggeration to say these games are very important to me now, and touched me like they have many others.

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Leo Garcia @Mutaharu

Talking about EarthBound is like talking about a close friend. You've known them for so long that you wonder if there's anything else to say that hasn't been said already. You've shared so many memories with them that it's hard to quantify them.

EarthBound has shaped me and inspired me in ways very little things do. I can say, without a shred of doubt, that EarthBound has made me into the person I am today. I have the friends I have today because of it. It taught me that love is universal, that it's okay to cry, and that friends can take you on unimaginable journeys; experiences you wouldn't ever have if it wasn't for them.

EarthBound inspires feelings in me that no other video game does. It's really hard to convey sincerity through text, and despite the cheesy, sometimes awkward dialogue featured in the game and its siblings, all of it is real. It comes from the heart. The game communicates with you, instead of talking at you.

I have this game to thank for everything I am today. It played a vital role in my developmental stages, and despite not having grown up with it, having matured with it still left quite an impression.

Thanks for everything you've done for everyone, and thanks for everything you will do in the future, EarthBound. No crying until the end.

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Trey @RosePrinceTrey
EarthBound means more than I can ever begin to explain or understand. It is responsible for almost every single friend and led me to community who are all inspired by the same thing and used that inspiration to create their own beautiful visions and these visions have helped me bring to fruition my own and create my identity.. As I get older and proceed down whatever I path I choose, it's important to remember how it's EarthBound who first led me there. It taught me to laugh, love and wonder and stands as a testament to how people can influence and help each other. I am so lucky to know and be in the presence of so many marvelous and wonderful people who I love dearly and it is all thanks to EarthBound.
Personally, Earthbound is a journey, a journey of tears, life lessons, happiness, sadness, adventure, friendship, stories, the past, present, future, a message. There were many laughs on this journey, tears, jaw dropping surprises, anger, annoyance, many feelings of worries for those you were traveling with. ..no, I don't mean as the main protagonists, I mean you, the player. To me, Earthbound/Mother as a whole isn't just about these kids saving the day, it's about you, the player, who somehow ended up in these worlds, and though they rarely acknowledge your existence in said worlds, they know you're there. Now, call me weird, sure. But you ended up in Ninten's world, and by the end of it, you and left mysteriously for years, only to end up in Ness's world, helping them save their homes, lives. Meeting many people along side the heroes, and at the end of that, you left that world, and 100 years later, the world is destroyed, and you somehow end up in Nowhere islands, finding them in crisis, but this time, a few characters recognize you initially, since they ask for your names! Meaning that they (the protagonists and everyone there know you, secretly,) And it shows because in the secret ending, they thank you, a lot. And they tell you that everyone is just fine, and as you continue to walk, one of them, (which I assume is Lucas) Asks if you're going home, to your own world, and even tells them "hey! Be good to >insert player's name<" so if anything, Earthbound is a long journey back to home, to your world, which is Earth. Or at least it should be. Hence. Meaning, you're bound for earth by the start of this. But that's just me.
Tasos500 @Tasos500
The Mother series changed my way of thinking. Mother taught me to cherish the past, and remember them when I most need to. Mother 2 taught me to meet new people, make new friends and learn from my experiences. Finally, Mother 3 taught me to love my friends and family and enjoy the most out of them, as they won't always be there, meaning I should find my own way to true happiness. Thanks to Mr. Itoi, I see my life in a whole different way, ignoring the people who irritate me and enjoying the people who truly care about me, living a life full of happiness, and sharing this happiness with the ones who mostly need it.
Mother has taught me that it's okay to be strange and different, and that there's someone out there that loves you for who you are. Our lives can change so much over time, but we'll always keep what's important to us closest to our hearts: Smiles and tears that we'll remember forever.
Jordan @FabulousMagypsy
Coming from the UK, I first heard about the game from Super Smash Bros. Melee. The characters and setting of the game fascinated me, so I downloaded a ROM of the game when I was 12. I loved it, and bought a copy of Mother 1+ 2 as soon as I could, even though I couldn't understand it at all. Mother 3 fascinated me, I kept up to date on its translation and downloaded it as soon as it came out. The entire game just hit me emotionally. Nothing has ever come close to it, and I'm not sure anything ever will.
I related strongly to the Magypsies, at a time when I was still uncomfortable in my sexuality. Their speech, mannerisms and how they dress, I love how unabashed they are about truly being themselves, it's something I look up to and try to keep close to my heart. I want to thank Itoi and Nintendo for bringing them and the entire series to me, they've helped make me the person I am more than any other story has. Thank you.
Sprite153 large
MikeTheGamerGuy @MikeTheGamerGuy
I first encountered Earthbound (as many did) through Super Smash Bros. Melee. I had never heard of this "Ness" guy before and it intrigued me to a point but I really didn't have any interest in investigating the matter further. For me it was much less an instance of discovering the game, more so it was like the game was hunting me down and forcing itself into my psyche. It seemed like everywhere I looked online from my encounter with Melee forward I would accidentally discover more and more about the obscure JRPG. That's when Earthbound's oh so well documented character really started to pull me in little by little like some sort of PSI-Magnet on my free time. I was totally engrossed before I even played it. When I did get around to playing it, the game far exceeded my already high expectations becoming the first RPG I'd ever seen through to the end and also becoming the first game to bring a tear to my eye, "I miss you." It's impact on me as a gamer and a person has been profound.
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Teri Solow @tekniklr

EarthBound has been my favorite game since I first played it, shortly after its release. The unique game setting and wonderfully weird language both suited my own quirky personality perfectly and helped shape the person I would eventually become.

Eventually, after Mother 3 got an english fan translation, I played that game too. At first I couldn't get into it because the setting was so very different from EarthBound's. Eventually, though, it grew on me and I now see Mother 3 as probably the superior game of the two (mostly because it had the benefit of a few more years in game development and storytelling advancements), but EarthBound will always remain my favorite just because of the impact it has had on my own life and development.

Camp Fangamer was an amazing opportunity to meet other people who these games meant as much to. It felt like coming home, and is probably going to remain one of my fondest memories for the rest of my life.

Starjames77 @Starjames77
Me and my cousin love earthbound and went to camp fangamer this weekend and had a great time, the whole weekend made me realize how the community become part of the whole experience and thats what earthbound is to me, its an experience

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